Sunday, October 31, 2010

Colonel Jekyll, Mr.TypicalMale

Nowhere does our doomed culture show the advanced state of dilapidation as in the view of male sexual function. The former normative model of mature male sexuality is gone and no viable successor has been allowed to enter. In the current paradigm, women rule hetero males and anything goes in homosex.

The mainstream culture (if one goes by CBC standards) has been into femdom S&M big time. The protagonists may be be somewhat off the edge of Tarantino’s vicious vixens but all the same: as long as she cracks the whip and he licks her boots, we are well within the new normal. The paradigm has - you guessed it - a low threshhold of tolerance for women in the masochist role, unless they are pushy bottoms. But even that has become questionable since the fiasco of Karla Homolka as a feminist martyr.

It is easy to see that in a disordered gender-identity culture like ours some fairly ordinary deviance patterns will be particularly difficult to grasp and handle. Take Russ Williams, the fallen commander of Canada's largest air-force base. The press had a front-page heyday with the exhibitions of his trophies, yet it remained clueless as to why this paraphilia appears to have been so very private. The picture of Russ in women's undies was top secret: for Russ' eyes only. Why ? I understand this is quite unusual in criminology. One's sexual deviance is usually validated through one's mate (if one has one). I say usually, but the statistics will likely show a large preponderance of dominance sexual displays as having some inside audience. Not with Russ. Hmmm...

What are we to make of it ? First, I think we need to admit that even if we knew everything about Russ Williams, his personal history into the smallest detail, his actions would still be a mystery. As the celebrated medieaval judge Brian observed, not even the devil knowest the heart of man ! But that is not what I am after; I do not search for some foolish legal calculus of his motives. I am simply at a loss to understand our cultural selectors not registering the obvious clues that are all over this case.

Look at the picture above and ask yourself: is that a portrait of an alpha male in the prime of his life capturing his domestic idyll ? Why does the killer look so sheepish on the declaration of superiority and ownership of him by his mysteriously sexless madonna ? Isn't that because he has no (culturally approved) way of dominating himself, that he knows of, and can show on a photo that may be seen by others ? Like a couple of kids, or something. Isn't that what the start-up rage of raiding the dressers of women in his madonna's immediate neighbourhood was mostly about? Isn't that what may account for the filling up the basement of my wife's house (as Williams refered to the couple's Ottawa property) with bras and panties of women who would do sex with Russ on top ?

Dr. Duncan Scott, a forensic psychiatrist from Queens U., who was assigned to Williams during his pre-trial detention said on the CBC Williams' Confession documentary that Williams was a bungling kind of a killer who did not plan his criminal forays. Well, yes, it is kind of obvious that his passion got quickly the better of him once he found the expression of his rage against his beloved wifey, with whom he had dinners while raping and killing women in his neighbourhood. But is Doctor Scott right in saying there is "no sample group" for the Russ Williams kind of deviance ? I am skeptical on that score.

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