Friday, September 5, 2014

The Secret of Islamic Radicalization in Three Paragraphs

There is of course more than a grain of truth in the ‘ennui theory’ of Islamic radicalization. Boys will be boys, and Muslim boys are culturally best equipped to resist the feminist nanny state that dominates the West, and creates a sense of guilt and inferiority in men.

     Yeah, the jihadi mania looks like the ultimate backlash to the batshit crazy feminist disease that would debase manhood and assign it an inferior social status among us. Destroy the male culture rooted in hierarchy, discipline, competition, recognition of superior ability, rationality, sense of fairness, and a notion of a greater good to which they belong and boys will act up. Bet on it !  They will recreate their original biological purpose: hunt, fight for dominance, procreate randomly, and follow the alphas into trouble. There ain’t no greater thrill in life for the humans who fly a ding-a-ling than go through hell following a leader, surrounded by bosom buddies.
     So here is how you re-create the male barbarians: evict fathers, give boys double serving of motherhood; teach them self-seeking, crying instead of endurance, masturbation instead of algebra, ask nothing of them ! If you manage to keep them illiterate they will become urban mass killers going in gangs and getting stoned out of their skulls. If they get semi-educated in spite of every effort to keep them dumb and feeling worthless they will look for their “male culture” to express their dominance. If they don't find it they will become serial killers or mass shooters. The thrill of the ultimate revenge through suicide ! If they do find it, those who despise the ubiquitous Mother Superior, and find their way to the model of a male in an ancient village will be drawn to Islam like bears to honey. No twerking sluts there, no feminized academia, no loving gays and lesbians, no Erin Burnett or Christiane Amanpour, no stupid Susans and Samanthas running "our" foreign policy.  It just makes absolute sense to go cut some heads rather than be pecked to death by domineering matrons who fuck their way through corporate glass ceillings and then come home and get foul-mouthed bitches on TV sitcoms, assuming one was bright enough not to marry one. There just doesn’t seem to be much else for self-respecting males in the West left to excel in if they are not professional athletes or born geniuses. Women do everything else better than men these days. And the culturally engineered male chickenshit evidently needs more of them in position of authority over themselves. The ladies, it seems, are not yet fully satisfied with their lot in life. So the boys are told. Day in and day out.  So there are your recruits, ready to beat their chests, and pour over calligraphy as it came down from the ultimate Alpha male.

         Now, what do you think ?  If someone like Winston Churchill was sitting in 10 Downing Street, would Britain see the likes of Anjem Choudary on its TV screens. Would there be a jihadi problem in Britain ?  Immigrants demanding Sharia over English Common Law ?   ‘We sleep safely at night’, Winston said, ‘because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us’. Destroy the civilized form of manhood and you will have the mess we have !

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